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Letizia Michielon ­– Biography


Born in Venice, she studied piano under the direction of Eugenio Bagnoli, and graduated at 16 at the Conservatory “B. Marcello” of Venice, with full marks. She accomplished specialization studies with M. Tipo, K. Bogino, A. Jasinski , P. Masi, M. Mika.

In 1984 she debuted in recital at the Wiener Saal of the Mozarteum Salzburg.

She won various national and international competitions, like Premio Venezia, Premio “A. Speranza” in Taranto, the 2nd Prize of the International Competition “C. Zecchi” in Rome (together with the press prize), Bachauer preselecions 1994 and 1998, “Diapason D’Oro” in Sanremo. She was holder of scholarships in Bayreuth (2002) and in Venice by G.Cini Foundation.

She held recitals in Europe, Canada and USA, playing in important halls such as Mozarteum Salzburg, Schoenberg Center Vienna, Liszt Saal MDW University of Vienna, Kunstuniversität Graz, Casal del Metge Barcelona, Theater of Epinal, Chopin Academy Warsaw, BKA Theater Berlin, Mozart Hall Bratislava, Abravanel Hall Salt Lake City, Pollock Hall Montreal, New York University, Teatro la Fenice Venezia, Teatro Olimpico Vicenza, Conservatorio “G. Verdi” Milan, Teatro dell’Opera Sanremo, TeatroG.Verdi”, Museo Revoltella and Teatro Miela in Trieste, Teatro Euclide in Rome and Sala Mozart in Bologna.

She took a part in many international Festivals of Contemporary Music, performing in collaboration with the pianist Fabio Grasso the complete Ligeti’s Etudes; she played with the Quartetto di Venezia, Ex Novo Ensemble, and various important orchestras, like Orchestra del Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, Orchestra da Camera di Padova e del Veneto, Mitteleuropa Orchestra Orchestra Philarmonia Italiana.

Steinway Artist, her recordings and interviews were broadcast by RAI Italian Radio-television, Radio Svizzera Italiana, Radio Television Capodistria, Radio S. Lake City, NHK Tokyo. She recorded for Aliamusica (2004, 2007), ArsPublica (2008) , Rosenfinger (2011) and Limen Music (2013).

She is Head of Keyboard Department and professor of Piano Performance and Music Philosophy at Conservatory of Venice (Italy).

She studied composition having firstly as teachers Massimo Priori and Daniele Zanettovich, then she graduated under the direction of Riccardo Vaglini at Venice Conservatory with full marks. Some of her compositions, edited by ArsPublica, have been performed by important groups like Quartetto Ex Novo and Ensemble L’Arsenale, in occasion of prestigious contemporary festivals like Biennale Musica Venice 2009 and 2010, Ex Novo Musica, Festival Perpignan, BKA Berlin, Festival Paesaggi Sonori Trento, Festival Compositori a Confronto, Trieste Prima, Festival Cinque Giornate Milan, Festival Limoux. In December 2011 she had her debut as composer in New York, where the Washington Square Ensemble premiered her chamber work Spira Mirabilis.

She attended some courses for orchestra conducting of P. Bellugi, R. Rivolta and M. Summers, and further compositional lessons at the school of Electronic Music of Venice Conservatory.

After having obtained the degree in Philosophy at Venice Ca’ Foscari University, she took two Ph.D. at Padova University and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Between 2001 and 2009 she taught at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice.

“Il Poligrafo” edited her volumes “Il gioco delle facoltà in F. Schiller” (2002) and “L’archetipo e le sue metamorfosi. La Bildung nei romanzi di Goethe” (2005). She realized at the Ateneo Veneto (whose board of directors counts her among its members) two Music Philosophy meetings dedicated to space and time in the music of 20th and 21th century: a collection of essays presented in these occasions is published by Mimesis, under the title “La chiave invisibile. Spazio e tempo nella filosofia della musica del XX e XXI secolo” (2012).

The journal of Ateneo Veneto published the acts of the Meeting “Musica e redenzione”; the acts of the subsequent meetings (“Il suono nascente. Strutture del tempo nella musica del XX e XXI secolo”). She’s still engaged in research at University of Genoa, with the research group of professor Mario Gennari.

She founded and conducts the Plurimo Ensemble, group-in-residence of the Ateneo Veneto. Aiming to create and to realize projects that involve students of higher national and international Art Schools (Conservatory of Venice, Milan, S. Cecilia Academy of Roma, Accademie di Belle Arti of Venice and Rome, Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, University of Roma Tre, Milan University, Juilliard School NY, New York University, University of Music in Wien, Archivio L. Nono, Archivio B. Maderna).

She collaborates as critic of music with Il Giornale della Musica, Il Gazzettino and Venezia Musica.





Letizia Michielon


Venetian pianist, composer and philosopher of music, Letizia Michielon is a multifaceted artist. Thanks to her neo-humanistic training, she engenders her own creative profile through dialogue between different disciplines, endeavouring to crystallise an innovative and endlessly expanding aesthetic direction.


Since graduating at the age of sixteen with honours at the “B. Marcello” Music Conservatory in Venice under the guidance of her Maestro, Eugenio Bagnoli, she has embodied not only the passion for the study of sound, a synthesis of a wide-ranging cultural path, but also a conception of interpretation as a challenge projected into the future, capable of profoundly affecting the adventure of knowledge.


Debuting at the age of just fourteen in the Wiener Saal of the Mozarteum in Salzburg, she later perfected her art with M. Tipo, K. Bogino, A. Jasinski, P. Masi and M. Mika, embarking upon a concert career at a very young age leading her to perform in prestigious halls, such as Mozarteum in Salzburg, Schönberg Centre in Vienna, Kunstuniversität in Graz, Casal del Metge in Barcelona, Chopin Academy in Warsaw, BKA Theatre in Berlin, Mozart Hall in Bratislava, Abravanel Hall (Salt Lake City), Pollack Hall i(Montreal), New York University, la Fenice Theatre and "E. Vedova" Foundation in Venice, "G. Verdi" Conservatory in Milan, Olympic Theatre in Vicenza, Teatro Comunale in Ferrara, "G. Verdi" Theatre and Miela Theatre in Trieste.


For years, she has dedicated herself to expounding upon Beethovenian thought, recording his complete sonatas and major piano works for Limen Record Company in a production that intertwines the implementation with scientific research aimed at deepening the neo-humanistic Bildung.


A work in progress that has forged the Beethoven 2020 Project, underway at the Scuola Grande of San Rocco, where the artist Letizia Michielon is setting forward Beethoven's complete sonatas as well as piano and orchestra concertos with the Mitteleuropa Orchestra conducted by F. Fanna.


Parallelly, again with Limen, she launched the recording of the complete works by Chopin in addition to pieces by C. Debussy and M. Ravel.


Letizia Michielon's interpretative proficiency is firmly intertwined with her compositional experience. Naturally, as she holds true to being mindful of the aesthetic conception of Schlegel, Hegel and Gadamer, interpreting means re-creating and somehow "re-composing" the work that is being performed.


After graduating in Composition, under the guidance of R. Vaglini, at the “B. Marcello” Music Conservatory, she was commissioned by prominent international festivals, including the Music Biennale, La Fenice Theatre, Ex Novo Musica, Berlin BKA, Trieste Prima, Limoux Festival, and Washington Square Festival.


Her compositional journey has opened further horizons towards orchestral conducting, cultivated under the guidance of P. Bellugi, R. Rivolta and M. Summers, while even encompassing electronic music, which she studied at the Venice Conservatory.


Her works are often inspired by figurative impressions or philosophical and poetic readings.


Philosophy effectively represents her third gravitational pull.


After graduating summa cum laude at Ca’ Foscari University, with a dissertation on the aesthetic writings of F. Schiller, she received a PhD in Pedagogical and Didactic Sciences at the University of Padua arguing a thesis on J.W. von Goethe. In 2019, she attained her second PhD in Philosophy of Music at Ca’ Foscari presenting a dissertation on Adorno's Beethoven.


She collaborates with the research group led by prof. Mario Gennari at the University of Genoa and is part of the Impromptus series scientific committee (EUT, Trieste), which comprises work in the form of essays on aesthetics, musicology and music philosophy.





She edited the volume Die Klage des Ideellen, The Lament of the Ideal, Beethoven and Hegelian philosophy (EUT, 2018), presented in the Pordenone Legge Festival, and the soon to be published monograph, Sound laid bare. Counterpoints to Adorno's Beethoven (EUT, 2020).


She is currently investigating the relationship between music and neuroscience, the fascinating world of complex thinking and performance studies - themes she tackles with her students in the Philosophy of Music, Piano Performance and 20th Century Piano Repertoire courses, disciplines she teaches at the “G. Tartini” Music Conservatory of Trieste.


The enthusiasm for teaching, inherited from Maestro Bagnoli, initially led her to teach at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. She later held master classes at prestigious international institutions such as MDW in Vienna, the Lugano Conservatory, the Chopin Academy in Warsaw, the Royal Conservatory in Madrid, Trinity Laban in London, New York University, and McGill University in Montreal.


Her recordings and interviews have been broadcast by RAI, Italian Swiss Radio, Capodistria Radio Television, Salt Lake City Radio, and Tokyo NHK.